My Spot On The World


Message From The Founder

Edwin Blackwelder

I had an idea that started back in 2011 and as I watched the world of social media evolve, I often wondered what could possibly be next. Facebook certainly couldn’t be the end result of social influence and communication around the world. So I have created a concept that actually goes back to the existence of the old main frame systems of years ago.

What is My Spot On The World

We have created THE SPACE It is time you FILL IT UP!


The MySpotOnTheWorld portal provides the user with so many features! File storage; uploading your music files and creating albums; video storage and sharing; listening to your favorite radio stations; watching TV from around the world; playing games individually and across the platform; and a special Connex section for advertising, listing events, finding friends and so much more!!

More Storage, Less Trouble

Your favorite songs travel with you!

Maintain your favorite radio stations

Travel with your hometown television stations!

Upload and share your cherished videos!

Enjoy playing your favorite games with your friends

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We have created THE SPACE It is time you FILL IT UP!